The 38 Best Madrid Restaurants

A cultural hub with world-class museums, historic architecture, and gorgeous churches, Madrid simply has it all, including some of the most exciting and varied food in the country. It’s easy to find excellent homestyle staples and, of course, the city’s namesake stew, cocido Madrileño.

But the capital thrives beyond traditional Spanish fare, treating diners to three-Michelin-star avant-garde tasting menus, hip Asian fusion, artisanal cheese shops, and haute Mexican cuisine. When it comes to drinking, you can happily wash any meal down with a caña (a small glass of draught beer) or vermouth, and there are plenty of cocktail bars and sherry in town too. Ironically the one thing Madrid lacks is the thing many tourists mistakenly come looking for: paella, which is best enjoyed over in Comunidad Valenciana.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.