Shopping lists: The answer to recession-proof advertising for CPGs

Consumers are using digital shopping lists to plan their grocery shopping trips now more than ever. In fact, 58% of Americans are comfortable using digital tools to assist their grocery shopping and more than 49% are using a list building app on their mobile phone to plan or shop for groceries. Digital lists are not going anywhere. Now is time to engage them in your advertising mix and here’s why: 

#1–Shopping lists are the gateway to contextual, grocery-minded shoppers

In an inflated or recession-bound economy, efficiency is critical to weathering the storm. Trim where you can but ensure the greatest possible efficiency with spend. When a brand has the ability to elevate targeting efforts to include more contextual environments, more efficient environments, or get even closer to the ideal consumer, this creates greater efficiencies with spend. Shopping lists give brands the ability to connect with grocery-minded shoppers who are ready to buy or ready to shop, eliminating the fluff and getting right to the perfect CPG audience.

#2 – Shopping lists have recall features to keep brands on the list

A consumer adds a product to their list, makes a purchase and crosses off that product. Once a product or brand lands on a consumer’s digital grocery list, that brand is now stored on that list. When the consumer goes to build the next grocery list, any brand that has been on the list previously is more likely to be re-added for future planning. Certainly, it is more results driven to be actively promoting your product, however, there is a benefit in shopping lists that if you needed to pull spend for a week or two you’d still see success from the previous efforts or dollars put in place.

#3–Shopping lists impact purchase

Consumers do not add products to their shopping lists with the intention of not buying said items. Furthermore, no consumer adds product to their list without referencing their list in-store. With this said, we can all agree that shopping lists impact a consumer’s likelihood of purchasing the items on their list. With a digital list in hand, shoppers will reference their list as they are adding products to their cart for purchase. We also know that 81% of shoppers buy ALL items on their digital shopping list. All advertising dollars are spent to impact sales and now we know getting on the digital shopping list impacts sales. One recent campaign with Campari shows us how impactful getting on the list and into consumers carts can be for a brand.

As we all navigate the current unstable environment we are living in, we are looking for the perfect answer on how to most effectively and efficiently spend marketing dollars. Brands can rest assured that budget is being put to work when advertising to the list building consumer. Want to learn more about harnessing the power of the shopping list and getting your product on the list? AdAdapted is the #1 shopping list advertising solution in the game. Learn how to execute a micro-targeted campaign, get your product on consumers shopping lists and in their digital carts and drive sales, all while being cost-effective and efficient with your spend.