New Food and Beverage Product Launches, December 12 – 16


From refreshing drinks to delicious, protein-packed chocolates, here’s a look at some of this week’s new food and beverage products. 

TEAKOE: Orange Ginger Punch Fizzy Tea


TEAKOE announced the launch of its newest fizzy tea flavor — Orange Ginger Punch. 

The new product blends yerba maté, blood orange juice, tropical flavors, and hints of ginger root and chili pepper flakes for a new twist on classic fruit punch. It contains no added sugar and just 10 calories per can. 

A 12-pack of 12 fl. oz. cans is available on the brand’s website for $25. TEAKOE’s teas can also be found on Amazon and select retailers nationwide.

Spindrift: New Sparkling Water Flavors

Photo: Spindrift

Spindrift will be kicking off 2023 with four new flavors of sparkling water — Peach Strawberry, Mint Green Tea, Mango Black Tea, and mocktail-inspired Nojito. 

The new product offerings contain no added sugars or artificial flavors and are low in calories. They’ll all be arriving on store shelves early next year.

Mars: SNICKERS Hi Protein Bars

Photo: Mars

Mars is entering performance nutrition with its new SNICKERS Hi Protein bars.

The protein bars still have the same recognizable chocolate, caramel, and peanut ingredients as classic SNICKERS but pack 20 grams of protein in a 2 oz. bar. 

Starting in January, Hi Protein bars will be available at select retailers and will roll out nationwide later in 2023. 

Oobli: Sweet Protein Chocolate Bars

Photo: Oobli

Oobli recently announced the launch of its first commercially available product and the first-ever, sweet-protein-powered product. The new chocolate bars are available in three flavors — 70% silky cacao, sea salt flakes, and raspberry bits.

Using a proprietary microbial fermentation process, the company is able to recreate nature-identical sweet proteins and deliver chocolate bars that contain 70% less sugar than most chocolate bars without sacrificing taste. The new products are manufactured in a dairy-free, nut-free, and kosher facility. 

Oobli’s chocolates are now available for preorder on the brand’s website. 

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