Leftovers: Kit Kat breaks into breakfast with blueberry muffin flavor; RTD moon milks offer ayurvedic stress relief

Leftovers is our look at a few of the product ideas popping up everywhere. Some are intriguing, some sound amazing and some are the kinds of ideas we would never dream of. We can’t write about everything that we get pitched, so here are some leftovers pulled from our inboxes.

Kit Kat breaks into breakfast with Blueberry Muffin flavor

For those who wish there were more candy bars that tasted like breakfast, Hershey has you covered with its newest Kit Kat flavor.

The iconic four-fingered sweet now has a Blueberry Muffin flavor that’s available in stores nationwide. The light purple candy has the taste of blueberry muffin batter, featuring notes of both fresh and cooked blueberries. In addition to the wafers inside, this Kit Kat variety also contains graham cookie pieces. 

“KIT KAT Blueberry Muffin has already become one of our favorites; it has all the taste of a freshly baked blueberry muffin, but no baking required!” Kit Kat Brand Manager Dan Williard said in a written statement.

But while blueberry muffins are a popular morning treat, they might not be the first flavor that someone thinks of for a Kit Kat. Around the world — but especially in Japan — Kit Kats have taken on a wide array of flavors. (In most other countries, Kit Kat is made by Nestlé.) Even in the United States, where flavored versions of the candy have only started to appear on shelves in the last couple of years, Kit Kats have taken on more conventional candy flavors, including Mint and Dark Chocolate, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut and Birthday Cake.

This launch, however, fits into one of Hershey’s larger initiatives. Last year, the confectioner took a strategic turn to focus on building snacking opportunities in the morning. Hershey worked with doughnut maker Dunkin’ to create an option with Kit Kat pieces on top, and found through research that many consumers eat Kit Kats with their morning coffee. Kit Kat Blueberry Muffin seems tailor-made for morning coffee, though early tasters have said the flavor might be a bit too sweet for the rest of the day.

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Courtesy of Clover Sonoma


Clover Sonoma shoots for the moon with ayurvedic milks

As consumers increasingly consider wellness when buying beverages, the number of products featuring ingredients that claim to improve mood or energy continues to grow. Case in point: milk with functional properties.

California dairy Clover Sonoma has launched Organic Moon Milks, which it describes as the first organic, ready-to-drink, refrigerated moon milk on the U.S. market. Moon milk is a traditional Indian beverage that combines milk and turmeric.

The Moon Milks are a blend of organic 2% milk, ayurvedic herbs and spices. They will be available in quarts of three flavors: Golden Moon (with turmeric and ginger), Blue Moon (with blueberry and lavender) and Pink Moon (Cherry Berry Hibiscus flavor). They debut this month nationwide at Whole Foods stores.

According to Clover Sonoma, its Moon Milks can aid the body in responding to “physical and emotional stressors.” The dairy product contains botanicals that the company says promote calmness, antioxidants that boost immunity, and tryptophan and magnesium supporting relaxation. Ayurvedic herbs have been used in India for centuries to prevent disease, rather than responding to it, and to provide a balance between the body and the mind.

Clover Sonoma said it noticed the trend of consumers making their own moon milks on social media. The company cited a Mintel trend forecast that lists moon milks as a drink to watch in 2022, as consumers have been looking for “rituals combining experience with indulgence and comfort” over the pandemic.

In the press release announcing the milks, Clover Sonoma Chief Growth Officer Kristel Corson emphasized the product’s versatility for a variety of applications outside of a regular glass of milk.

“Consumers can now enjoy a new ritual of drinking Moon Milks morning, noon or night. Moon Milks can elevate any smoothie, transform tea or coffee into a creamy latte, brighten breakfast cereal, boost ice with a pour over, or simply warm up for a soothing bedtime treat,” Corson said.

Dairy milk has faced dwindling sales in recent years, and seen competition from nondairy alternatives like oat and almond milk. To grow amid the changing trends, adding functional ingredients could help keep things fresh for consumers who are still interested in dairy, and win back those who have strayed. Last year, candy giant Hershey partnered with functional milk brand a2 to create a co-branded beverage featuring the candy giant’s cocoa and 2% reduced fat milk that contains only A2 protein. The milk does not contain A1 protein, which is present in most milks and can cause stomach discomfort.

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Courtesy of J&J Snack Foods


Icee, Icee cookies

Icee, which has thrived as a chilled offering, is venturing into cookies.

The new treat takes the frozen carbonated beverage, a popular staple at movie theaters, sporting events and theme parks, and places it between two vanilla wafers. The cookies are available in the two iconic flavors that have been around for more than half a century: Cherry and Blue Raspberry Icee flavored crème.

“We are continually innovating at Icee and are beyond excited to bring fans their beloved frozen beverage flavors in a new, fun cookie format,” Natalie Peterson, vice president of marketing for The Icee Company, said in a statement. “It’s a completely different experience — perfect for snacking on the go — with our beloved cherry and blue raspberry flavors that evoke nostalgia and make you feel like a kid again!”

The Icee Sandwich Crème Filled Cookies are available exclusively at Kroger stores nationwide for $3.29.