Higher Prices Cause 76% of Consumers to Change How They Buy Food: NCSolutions

Woman looks shocked at a paper check in a grocery supermarket price increase and inflation. Upset woman in a supermarket viewing receipts looking at her shopping receipt and shocked about the price

More than three-quarters of US consumers say their family has changed how they buy food because of price increases, according to new data from NCSolutions. Almost two-thirds (65%) say their income has not increased as fast as the cost of food, beverage, and personal care products.

The vast majority (85%) of respondents in the survey are concerned about inflation, and 83% expect the cost of living to continue to go up in the coming year. Just over half (53%) said they have noticed basic food staples being more expensive.

To cope with the higher prices, consumers are:

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  • Buying fewer non-essential food items (46%)
  • Buying only the essentials (43%)
  • Seeking out less expensive brands (45%)
  • Loading up on pantry (27%) and freezer (26%) items
  • Shopping closer to home (24%)

They’re also going without their favorite brands when the prices get too high (46%) and actively looking for sales (43%).

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