Future Farm launches at Amazon Fresh and Sprouts

Products from leading Brazilian plant-based meat maker Future Farm will become available nationwide through Amazon Fresh, and make their U.S. retail store debut at Sprouts Farmers Market.

The company’s Future Burger, Future Beef and Future Sausage first came to the U.S. last July through e-commerce sales at GTFO It’s Vegan, Vejii and Hungry Harvest. The products are now available through Amazon Fresh nationwide, and are making their way to Sprouts stores, starting at two locations in Southern California. 

“We’re excited to make our vision of a world where people choose to eat more plants, not animals, accessible to more and more people across the United States, and working with these retailers is part of our plan for consistent growth and expansion,” CEO Alexandre Ruberti said in a statement. “We know the customers at Amazon Fresh and Sprouts are aligned with our brand values — sustainable and 100% clean label products. We are delighted to invite them to change the way the world eats.” 

Future Farm — also known as Fazenda Futuro, the Portuguese translation — has been on a quick path to growth since it first launched in Brazil in 2019. The brand is sold in 30 countries, ranging from Sweden to Chile to the U.S., according to Latin American Business Stories.

When the brand first came to the United States, Ruberti told Food Dive that the company’s broader mission was to democratize plant-based food. The company planned to keep costs low — and today’s suggested retail price for its products is the same $5.29 a package as when the brand first came to the United States. While Future Farm’s products are sold throughout the world, at the time of the U.S. launch, Ruberti said its goal was for about 65% of global sales to eventually come from the United States.

Future Farm has spent the summer months growing its presence in the U.S. and beyond. The company is doing a series of restaurant takeovers in Los Angeles, adding vegan versions of popular dishes to menus. According to VegNews, similar takeovers are planned at New York restaurants in the fall. And in May, the brand announced a partnership with Brazilian pop singer Anitta, who has taken a stake in the company and is working on its marketing and innovation, according to Bloomberg Línea.

Last year, Future Farm closed a $58 million funding round. The company said it planned to use the funds to accelerate international expansions and on R&D for new and improved products. It plans to bring Future Chick’n and Future Tuna to the United States, expand into plant-based drinks and dairy in North America and European markets, and continue to work toward its goal of 100% sustainable and plant-based packaging made from sugar cane.