From science to CPG series

During the last decade, several companies formed by scientists and entrepreneurs who believed in harnessing the power of science to create food for the future.

As the years have gone by, many companies using cell cultivation to make meat, fat and milk and those using fermentation to make proteins native to eggs and dairy have grown in all senses. They’ve made more scientific breakthroughs, hired more people, raised more money and built larger facilities. But not many have products on the market yet, and they all have more scaling up to do.

Despite what looks on the outside like massive preparation, many of these companies are still doing most of their work behind the scenes, getting ready for the day their technology, scale and/or regulatory status can handle mass production. 

These stories look at the challenges food tech companies are facing as they scale up. They range from finding facilities to raising capital to refocusing on some of the things every food company needs, like adherence to safety regulations and finding a team to do non-science-based product development.

Their stories are chronicled over a 5-part series. New installments will run every day beginning Nov. 7, and this page will be updated throughout the week.