Eater Nominated for 2 NY Emmy Awards

Eater has scored two nominations in the annual New York Emmy Awards, both in the category of Informational/Instructional — Long Form Content.

One of the two candidates to take home the award is “How An Indoor Farm Uses Technology to Grow 80,000 Pounds of Produce Per Week,” an episode of Dan Does that looks into the technology used by Bowery Farming to create a network of vertical farms in NYC. Reimagining agriculture with digital innovations, Bowery Farming aims to use 95% less water and zero pesticides without compromising the flavor of the produce. Producer and host Daniel Geneen takes the audience through each step of the process, learning how produce is grown inside and shipped out fresh to consumers.

The other nomination is a standout Vendors episode, “How Yama Seafood Sells 8,000 Pounds of Tuna to NYC’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants,” in which we follow a top NYC seafood vendor as he and his team prepare their main product: tuna. Starting with cutting down the tuna at 3 a.m. for restaurant clientele across the city, viewers get a glimpse into the step-by-step processes of Yama Seafood and why they approach their work the way they do.

Nominated multiple times, Eater’s video team has won four NY Emmy Awards over the years, including a win in 2021 for another Vendors episode, “How Steven Wong Moves 80,000 Pounds of Lobster a Week,” as well as an award in 2020 for an episode of the series Queer Table and two awards in 2017.