Book your ticket on an exotic tropical flavor adventure

Consumers are seeking new taste experiences throughout food and beverage. In a world where 75% of consumers say they are “open to trying new flavors” and 50% actively “seek out new flavors,” (Innova Flavor Survey 2021, Innova Lifestyle & Attitudes Survey 2021) it is more apparent than ever that consumers are looking for authentic flavor adventures.

In many cases, taste exploration has been driven by bartenders and baristas that whip up novel and intriguing flavor combinations to entice new customers. For example, look at the menu at your favorite stop for a margarita, more than likely the margarita section has evolved beyond just lime to incorporate more tropical profiles like mango, passionfruit, pineapple, guava and even spicy elements like jalapeno or habanero. Beyond on-premises, there are other flavor influencers that have driven this trend further including social media and health and wellness. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok all are at the forefront of flavor discovery, showcasing culinary treats and exotic and varietal fruits from around the world. The health and wellness movement has carved its own flavor path by finding new natural functional ingredients that bring new exotic tastes to the world.

Since consumers are expecting more originality in taste, ensuring your flavor partner can provide that experience in an authentic and exciting way is important. Flavor creation and development for tropical fruit or exotic fruit profiles requires a dedicated sourcing of plant-based raw materials and a unique approach to capture the authentic essence of the fruit. Authenticity of the flavor to match the tropical character of the actual fruit is both art and science. The regulatory oversight is key from raw material sourcing to flavor creation with natural or certified organic flavors and extracts to meet the evolving compliance standards. The portfolio of flavor options for product developers seeking more interesting tropical and exotic fruit profiles have increased dramatically.

With summer right around the bend, now is the perfect time to book your adventure with more exotic and tropical profiles. From emerging traditional tropical flavors like passionfruit and guava to “healthy halo” flavors like acai or more exotic varietal options like calamansi lime and blood orange, Flavor Producers has your taste passport ready to be stamped.

The following are a few popular Tropical profile options to select for your next food or beverage innovation. If there is a profile that you would like to try and it’s not on this list, contact us at [email protected] or try our digital flavor selector tool at to request a sample.

Founded and headquartered in California, Flavor Producers has been the pioneer in developing natural and organic plant-based fruit and botanical flavors for over 40 years. The art of the development of this extensive portfolio is anchored in our belief that transparency and traceability in natural and organic flavors as well as varietal flavors is important to our commitment to sustainability and the integrity of the value proposition to the consumer. Along with authentic natural varietal flavor profiles, a complete portfolio of clean label flavors is available through our Transparent Technologies™ that meet these label requirements for transparency in taste. Learn more at