9 Best Picnic Blankets 2022

Size: When buying a picnic blanket, says Perfect Picnic NYC founder Wendy Weston, “the biggest thing to consider is size.” A blanket or rug that measures just 40” by 60” is really only suitable for one to two people — then again, at most group picnics, everyone usually brings their own blanket. For families, you’ll want to consider blankets that measure at least 60” by 70”. To help you plan, we’ve noted the dimensions of all our picks, as well as which of them are sold in multiple sizes.

Fabric: Whether it’s made from polyester, nylon, or cotton, a good picnic blanket “should be durable and able to be put down on any outdoor surface,” says Annie Seddington, president and coordinator of PikNYC Luxury Events. “You don’t want to worry about it ripping or getting holes in it.” While the term “picnic blanket” might recall the heavy wool plaid of yore, these days we tend to prefer washable and wipe-down rugs that are better suited to the great outdoors — especially if food, kids, or dogs are involved.

Best use: We’ve also taken note of where each of our blankets will work best. “If it’s going to be a windy location, a picnic blanket with loops in the corners so it can stay firm in the ground is very helpful,” says Seddington. “For beach picnics, there are special picnic blankets where you can put sand in the pockets and the sand acts as a weight.” If you’re on soft grass or sand, you can get away with a thinner (and therefore more compact) blanket, but on most other terrain you’re going to want a thicker weave or some form of cushioning. While all these picks are relatively easy to clean, our experts advised to stay away from light colors if you’re planning on taking your blanket to places other than the beach. “It’s a pain, once the dirt does get in, you can wash them nine million times and it’s not coming out. Someone’s footprint will never come off.”