40% of Consumers Purchase Plant-Based Meat and/or Dairy, Health Is the Top Reason: Acosta Survey

Burgers made from plant based meat, food reducing carbon footprint

A new survey from Acosta shows that 40% of consumers have purchased plant-based meat and/or dairy products recently (in the 6 months prior to March 2022), and 60% do so regularly. The top reason is health.

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More key findings:

  • The most commonly replaced products are beef, pork, and traditional milk.
  • 77% of consumers buy plant-based products at traditional grocery stores, while 20% purchase them online.
  • Nearly six in 10 (57%) of people who purchase plant-based products say they intend to keep doing so throughout their lives.
  • About one-third of consumers still see plant-based foods as a fad.

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